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Export Control Classification Number

  • By Sudhansu Sahu
  • March 26, 2020

What Is ECCN:-

How HTS code is mandatory while import/export process same way for the ECCN code is also compulsory to have. ECCN is a 5-character of alpha numeric code use to identify dual-use item for export control. ECCN number define whether a product requires an export license from department of commerce.

ECCN are different from HTS code. HTS code are used to calculate the import duty but ECCN is used to determine if the product need any special control before export.

For HTS Classification

All ECCN are defined in the Commerce Control List (CCL). If a product doesn’t fall under CCL then, its considered as EAR99.If a product fall , under EAR99 then in most of the case exporter doesn’t need any license ,Exception if the product exporting to any embargoed country or any suspicious end-user or suspicious end use in those particular case product may require a license.

Most of the product fall under EAR99.

ECCN are divided in to 10 categories (0-9) under the CCL and each category again divided in to 5 product type (A, B,C,D,E,F). The categorisation is based on the commodity or software or technology. First character of the ECCN code is the category and 2nd character of the code is the product group. Once the category and product group are determined then match the specific description, characteristic and end-use function of the product to get the following number of the ECCN code.

Commerce Control List Categories: -

  • 0 =Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment (and miscellaneous items)
  • 1 =Materials, Chemicals, Microorganisms and Toxins
  • 2 =Materials Processing
  • 3 =Electronics
  • 4 =Computers
  • 5 =Telecommunications and Information Security
  • 6 =Sensors and Lasers
  • 7 =Navigation and Avionics
  • 8 =Marine
  • 9 =Propulsion Systems, Space Vehicles, and Related Equipment

Five Product Groups: -

  • A.Systems, Equipment and Components
  • B.Test, Inspection and Production Equipment
  • C.Material
  • D.Software
  • E.Technology

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