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Use of Eurasian Conformity Certificate

  • By Sumit Gupta
  • December 16, 2020

What Is EAC Certificate

  • EAC certificate is a type of Certificate of Conformity in Russia and other EAC member countries i.e. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. introduced first in 2011.
  • Any product manufactured in EAEU or imported to EAEU are compulsory to be certified with the technical regulation of EAEU.
  • The EAC certificate and MARK confirms that the product is full compliance with the “Basic Safety Requirements”, which are pecified in the Technical Regulations..

Participating Countries

  • Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.
  • These countries established a custom union i.e. EAEU. Eurasian Economic Union aims for single duty tariff within the member state.

Is It A Mandatory Document?

  • EAC certifications are compulsory in order to have entry at all to the Russian market and the markets of the five EAC members.

Approval Bodies

The EAC certifications are issued by independent EAC certification bodies and their laboratories accredited by the relevant agencies of the five members of the EAC Economic Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.


  • After getting the EAC certificate manufacturer must be affixed the mark on its product without which product can’t be imported or enter into the market. Although the product approved with proper EAC certificate.
  • EAC mark should be put on the product and the document also.
  • Products, which meet the basic requirement of the technical regulations of the the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are marked with the EAC mark.
  • The uniform EAC marking of the customs union was defined by the board decision of the EAEU Commission No. 711 of July 15, 2011.
  • The minimum size of the mark must 5mm.

Impact Of Incorrect MARK

  • Sales of the product can be stopped.
  • Manufacturer must pay penalties.

Whose Responsibility To Get It Done?

  • The manufacturer of the product is responsible for the certificate.
  • Manufacture is also responsible to affix the Mark on the product.

Does The Product Need EAC?

  • Depend on-characteristics of the product.
  • Its purpose and functions.
  • HTS code.

For more confirmation to ensure if the product need EAC CERTIFICATE, refer to the Technical Regulations. There are more than 40 Technical Regulations available. Each Regulation covers specific category of products.

Why HS Code Is So Important For Certification Process?

  • HS code is required to decide any certification because it is connected with custom clearance.
  • HS code also decide the type certificate needed and cost

In case you do not have HS code we are available to meet your requirement possible.

Status In force on Number Name of the Technical Regulation
Valid 15.02.2012 TR CU 006/2011 On safety of fireworks
Valid 01.06.2012 TR CU 019/2011[2] On safety of personal protective equipment
Valid 01.07.2012 TR CU 005/2011 On safety of packaging
Valid 01.07.2012 TR CU 007/2011[3] On safety of the products for kids and teenagers
Valid 01.07.2012 TR CU 008/2011[4] On safety of toys
Valid 01.07.2012 TR CU 009/2011[5] On safety of perfume and cosmetic products
Valid 01.07.2012 TR CU 017/2011 On safety of light industry products
Valid 31.12.2012 TR CU 013/2011 On requirements for the motor fuel
Valid 15.02.2013 TR CU 004/2011[6] On safety of low-voltage equipment
Valid 15.02.2013 TR CU 010/20113[7] On safety of machinery and equipment
Valid 15.02.2013 TR CU 011/2011 Elevator safety
Valid 15.02.2013 TR CU 012/2011[8] On safety of the equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres
Valid 15.02.2013 TR CU 016/2011[9] On safety of devices operating on the gaseous fuel
Valid 15.02.2013 TR CU 020/2011[10] On electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 015/2011 On safety of grain
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 021/2011 On safety of food
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 022/2011 On food marking
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 023/2011 On juice and products containing vegetables and fruits
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 024/2011 On oil and fat products
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 027/2012 On safety of particular types of special foodstuff including dietic clinical and dietic protective nutrition
Valid 01.07.2013 TR CU 029/2012 On safety of food additives, flavour enhancer and processing accessories
Valid 01.02.2014 TR CU 032/2013[11] On safety of pressure equipment
Valid 01.02.2014 TR CU 026/2012 On safety of small ships
Valid 01.03.2014 TR CU 030/2012 On safety of lubricants, oils and special fluids
Valid 01.05.2014 TR CU 033/2013 On safety of milk and milk products
Valid 01.05.2014 TR CU 034/2013 On safety of meat and meat products
Valid 01.07.2014 TR CU 025/2012 On safety of furniture
Valid 01.07.2014 TR CU 028/2012 On safety of explosives and products on their basis
Valid 02.08.2014 TR CU 001/2011[12] On safety of rail vehicles
Valid 02.08.2014 TR CU 002/2011 On safety of high speed trains
Valid 02.08.2014 TR CU 003/2011 On safety of railway infrastructure
Valid 01.01.2015 TR CU 018/2011 On safety of wheeled vehicles
Valid 15.02.2015 TR CU 014/2011 On safety of motorways
Valid 15.02.2015 TR CU 031/2012 On safety of agricultural or forestry operation vehicles and trailer
Valid 15.05.2016 TR CU 035/2014 On tobacco products
Passed 01.01.2018 TR EAEU 036/2016 On requirements of the gaseous fuel
Passed 01.03.2018 TR EAEU 037/2016 On restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
Passed 18.04.2018 TR EAEU 038/2016 On safety of attractions
Passed unknown TR EAEU 039/2016 On requirements for mineral fertiliser
Passed 01.09.2017 TR EAEU 040/2016 On safety of fish products
Passed 02.06.2021 TR EAEU 041/2017 On safety of chemicals
Passed 17.11.2018 TR EAEU 042/2017 On safety of children's playground
Passed 01.01.2020 TR EAEU 043/2017 On requirements for fire safety and fire extinguishing systems

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