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UK Issues Sanctions Against Russia: Russia (Sanction) (Eu Exit) Regulation, 2019

  • By Madhav Mantri
  • January 23, 2023

Different kinds of sanctions issued by UK against Russia along with exceptions


The Russian (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations came into force on 31st December 2020 and the main purpose for introduction of these sanctions was to prevent Russia to cease action and destabilize Russia and prevent threats to territorial integrity of Ukraine.

This report shall also talk about the different kinds of exceptions and licensing which can be used to under different conditions and circumstances and the application of sanction shall not apply. It is also important to note that trade worth $19 billion has been affected by introduction of sanctions. Post sanctions the trade between the UK and Russia has been record low since the invasion of Ukraine; a total decrease of at least 90% of trade.

01. International Trade Measures

This trade measures included 3 packages which included Restrictive trade package which prohibits export, supply and delivery of aviation items mentioned under Schedule 2C of the Regulation.

II package included restricted access of oil refining of goods and technology, ban of export of luxury items which includes gold, silver and diamonds and ban on import of iron and steel products as mentioned under Schedule 3B of the Regulation.

III package included total prohibition on export, supply and delivery of technological, chemical and biological weapons as mentioned Under Schedule 3C of the Regulation.

02. Amendment 14 of the Regulation

This bans total accounting, business and management consulting of public relations and service. Individual ban on coal, oil and ban on import of gold according to Schedule 3G of the Regulation.

Though there lie exceptions to these Regulation mentioned under Part 7 of the Regulation which shall not apply

  • If such activities extends to national interest and security
  • Actions which deal with emergency relating to human health and safety
Licensing (Part 3.3 of the Regulation)

In order to conduct activity which are mentioned above there are different kinds of licenses which can be procured only on specific conditions which shall include

  • Delivery of human assistance
  • Production and distribution of food for benefit of Russian civilization
  • Medical and pharmaceutical assistance for Russian civilization.
  • Services connected with Russia by UK parent company or UK subsidiary company of the Parent Company.
Maritime Prohibition Services and Price Cap Exception

This sanction put an overall ban on transport of oil products from Russia to and between third countries. G7 agreed on the exception through general licensing. There has been a price cap which has been provided to supply or delivery of ship of Russian oil and oil products. The price cap exception is not applicable to the import of Russian oil and oil products into the UK and does not overrule any prohibitions enacted by third countries on the import of Russian oil and/or oil products into their own jurisdictions.

Export Control; Department of International Trade

Export control is responsible for export control and licensing. Licensing is only for specific grounds which will be allotted by the Department of international trade after thorough assessment. The different kind of licenses which can be allotted are

  • General license
  • Open General License
  • Standard Individual License
  • Open Individual License.

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